Friday, May 19, 2017

Everything, Everything....

Welcome to a different type of blog and this is my last blog of this school year. this year has been crazy and exciting and there's to many things to talk about! aaannnyyy way, how have you guys been? i know its's strange for me to try and talk to you through a screen but hey, its worth a shot right? It's crazy to think that this could possibly be my last blog post on here.... crazy.... if i don't post anymore than just know that this whole thing was fun. i didn't think it would be because, well to much typing but i really enjoyed it. This year has been a really good year to me but last year I thought this year was just gonna go by and i wouldn't care but I'm really sad to see everything go by this fast. I will miss everything about this and blogging because it was a way to say things that i wouldn't in real life. Thank you all for everything....

Good day and Goodbye.... last time i might get to say that.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

(not) Halloween

Hello all my theorizing people and today I'm going to be talking about my favorite holiday, Halloween.
Halloween is my personal favorite holiday because you can be whatever you want. I know that Halloween is way past but I had to talk about it and what all happened.

So in a lot of places clowns were a popular scaring costume sense all the creepy clown sightings last year, but some people got a little bit out of hand. here are some stories from my friends. So one of my bestfriends Taryn was walking and these "clowns" where following her. her being the feisty person she is when she's  annoyed she turned around and gave them "the look." everyone knows "the look" it's like when someones mad and irritated and they stare at you. so then they obviously just were being scardy cats and they left her alone.

some of the sightings were way more creepy like with some one i know, I'm going to keep them anonymous, they got chased by clowns with bats and knives. which is pretty terrifying if you ask me. Some people think that the creepy clowns that started this were just kind of advertising for the remake of "It" which is a scary movie organically made in the 90s about a clown that terrorizes children.

With that i leave you, Good day and Goodbye

Monday, February 6, 2017


Thank you so much to everyone who looks at my blog. I know it might not seem like a big deal but it is to me. So here's a question, would you guys like a celebration post and if so then you guys should give me ideas of who to write about or what to do. example you would name a youtuber/ person, or ask a question and I would answer or write about who you chose, or i would answer the question.

Once again thank you guys for the support
and with that I leave you Good day and Goodbye.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Theory Thursday

Hello everybody and welcome back to some spooky scary theories. Lets get started...

So this theory is a follow up to an alien theory I had back in December. There is a video of a girl that gets interviewed and was abducted by aliens and then woke up in a random field. The scary part is that her curtains were ripped, the bushes seemed burnt but not that burnt, and the window was broken. I don't know if it's real but its really freaky. (couldn't find the video sorry)

This next theory is about how some people believe that the world was created not that long ago. So the theory says that some people think that world was made not that long ago and the memories you have from childhood are artificial or fake. The theory is interesting to think about because there is another theory that says that the world ended in 2000 and we are in a completely different dimension. I know that one sound a little far fetched but it's still interesting to think about.

That's all for this theory Thursday, Good day and good bye!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Hello everybody welcome to another theory day!!

Ok so this one is actually about a movie. almost everyone has seen some version of peter pan in their life time. but what if i told you that Peter Pan isn't what you think he is.

So the theory goes that Peter Pan is an angle and he takes these kids away to Neverland also known as heaven (sorry if you don't believe in heaven but that's how the theory goes and i'm not trying to offend anyone) and so these children, Wendy and her brothers, had actually died in a fire that started while they were sleeping and they had passed away. if you think about it, it makes a lot more sense then if you were to say he was a boy from an imaginary island and he can fly, like what kind of person can fly? Seriously....

this next theory is about Aliens! i know it sounds stupid but there is some creepy proof that well just creeps me out. There is a video that has a caller on the radio talking about area 51 an aliens then the radio station loses signal, and then the call loses signal. It's very creepy and no one knows if it's fake or not. The video is here. i don't know if it's real but it is surly creepy.

that is all for today. Good day and goodbye.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Fnaf Theories!! (I know its not theory day)

Hello!! Ok, i know its not a theory day but the Fnaf sister location game is out. I've seen some things i really badly want to talk about, So lets get right into the theories (there may be spoilers... You have been warned)

In the game there's mini games which isn't really new but there's things that catch my eye. I saw that in the cupcake mini game it has the same set up as the give the children cake mini game, and in both one child dies. i know that may sound morbid but I didn't make the game. (No hate on Scott tho) In the give children cake mini game you can't do anything but watch as the child cries and you can not help the child, but in fnaf sister location you have a choice, its either you or the child (you being the night guard.) Because at the end of the game they show you in one of the back rooms with baby, still sitting up, but funtime Freddy, funtime Foxy, and Ballora are all dismantled on the ground. What does that mean? You ask. Well it means that the animatronics or better to say the souls want to use you so they can live again.

but if you do the cupcake mini game correctly and go back to the start you will see a little girl going for the ice cream then... Bam! Baby isn't such a nice animatronic after all now is she. After you do that you will get one star and if you complete the game first (going through all the nights) you will also get a star so then you would have two stars. If you have those two stars then it unlocks a secret.... The old game set up. its when you're in the funtime auditorium, and what ever you do, don't follow Baby's instructions if you want to get to the easter egg. if you do that you will get into an area where you can access cameras, seal doors, and turn on lights, sound familiar? of course it does! its the game set up from the first 3 games.

In the game in between nights you will hear a little girl talking, and i think that, that is  Afton's daughter. (Afton is the Purple Guy) He owned the restaurant and after his daughters death, which she is the little girl that goes up to Baby and well you know. After that he sells the restaurant and becomes a worker at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and that's how he came to be what he is in the other games.

That's all i have for these theories, Good day and Good bye.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Five Nights at Freddy's Theories

Today is the special day... Theory Day! I will be talking about many Fnaf theories so lets get started.
Five Nights at Freddy's is a game created by Scott Cawthon

Ok so there is 5 games so far: Five Nights at Freddy's, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Five Nights at Freddy's 4, and Fnaf World. there is also a new game called Sister Location that is coming out in October. so some of my theories and assumptions are, I think It's going to be a game where every night you are in a different room because in the trailer it shows you are in different room quite a lot, or I'm also leaning toward it being more of a free roaming game. They're Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Ballora, and Baby. Recently someone has "leaked" Ballora's voice, and me and many other theorists are both shocked and suspicious because we believe that Scott Cawthon has actually told  the voice actor to put up, but shortly after it was taken down from the website. Scott likes to trick us and make us think a little more in detail about his games. There's a video that has Scott communicating with the Game Theory crew about the game but Scott was doing it secretly by updating his website to give them clues about the game and their theory. In that very video Scott emailed Dawko about their theory and well i don't want to give away to much of the video so go watch it for yourself, yes it is long but it is so interesting if you go and watch it and you are into Fnaf. now onto the actually theories (sorry I ramble a lot)

Fnaf is one of those games where you really don't know what's going to happen next which makes you want to continue the story by playing all the games and reading Scott's book Silver Eyes.

In Fnaf 4 (spoiler if you don't already know.)
There is a trunk that is locked when you complete the game that says "most things are best left forgotten."
So just hear me out the first game happened in 1998, the second game in 1987, Fnaf 3 is somewhere way after both, but the one game that catches my eye so far is Fnaf 4. Fnaf 4 takes place in 1983. I think whats in that trunk is the Marionette, and that the Marionette is this crying child. We play through all the game. it makes sense because if you look back at the evidence through out the game like, when the kid got bit because his assumed brother and his friends stuck the child's head near Freddy and he got severely injured, and at the beginning of the game when you walk over to the stuffed animal animatronics the child says "these are my friends" It may be a coincidence but maybe it's not... Maybe the child is talking about the children's souls that are trapped inside the original animatronics, they could have been his friends.  At the end of the game it says "I am still with you" but it says it in a different colored dialogue which means either some one else is talking to you, or you are talking to them.

that's all i have for now Good Day and GoodBye